Aspirin Toxicity In Dogs: Uses, Side Effects & Treatments for Overdose


Cause of Aspirin Toxicity Accidental Aspirin Ingestion – When a dog gets into improperly stored aspirin and takes it in large amounts. Long-Term Aspirin Use – Some dogs are prescribed aspirin to help relieve aches and pains. Long term use, however, can make the dog susceptible to toxicity. Improper Dosages and Administration Side Effects of […]

Cat (Feline) Urinary Problems: Causes, Symptoms and Natural Home Remedies


Cat Urinary Problems When the cat is not urinating in its own litter box but anywhere, never assume that this is just bad behavior. More often than not, the cat is having urinary and other medical problems. Cat (Feline) Urinary Problems Urinary tract infection could also affect cats. Sometimes, there are no symptoms presented but […]

Prairie Dog Diet and Ingredients: Dry and Canned Food Varieties


Dogs are not picky eaters. They can eat whatever is presented to them, healthy or not. It is up to the pet owners to keep their dogs healthy by feeding them a healthy diet. A healthy diet can be achieved using Prairie, a natural and holistic dog food that enables pets to grow healthy, fight […]

Koi Fish Disease: Symptoms and Common Koi Fish Diseases


Common Koi Fish Diseases Here are some of the most common koi fish disease symptoms that these pond fish may exhibit as well as possible causes. Red Streaks in Fins and Body This could be indicative of a condition called Hemorrhagic Septicemia Treated by isolating affected fish and introducing antibiotics This can cause death if […]

Bloody Urine in dogs: Cause and Treatment For Hematuria in Dogs

Dalminator Jimmy - Dalmation

There are a number of urinary problems that can cause blood in the urine or hematuria in dogs. Identifying the specific cause is important for the proper treatment to be initiated. Bloody Urine in Dogs: It is important for owners to check if the dog is passing fresh blood or blood diluted with urine. Blood […]