Bacterial Infections in Cats: Causes, Home Remedies and Treatments

Causes of Bacterial Infections in Cats

  • Bacterial infections in cats can occur in every system of the cat. Eyes, ears, respiratory system, urinary tract, skin and blood.
  • Some of the bacterial infections in cats CAN be caused by acquiring it from a person in the household who has it. MRSA is one example.
  • Other times, the cat sustains lacerations or wounds, or scratches incessantly from skin disorders and the integrity of the skin is broken.
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  • Bacteria thrives in a warm moist environment. Cats try to relief itching with licking so the perfect growing conditions are there.
  • Old urine sits in the bladder and can grow bacteria. Mucous can be trapped in the lungs and not expectorated. This is also perfect breeding grounds for dangerous bacterias.
  • Toxiplasmosis is a bacteria picked up by cats who are frequently in unsanitary surroundings. The bacteria can be picked up through feces. Generally cats prone to bacterial infections have systems that are already compromised.
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Home Remedies and Treatments for Bacterial Infections in Cats

  • Treat scratches and lacerations with a good antiseptic and keep the area clean.
  • A cat’s environment should not have overloaded feces and urine in the litter box. This invites bacteria.
  • Keep your cat groomed well and comb often to prevent dander build up and excessive skin irritations.
  • Be aware of signs of infection which may include pain, purulent discharges, mucous that changes from clear to yellow or green, abscesses, redness, inflammation, and fevers.
  • Prompt treatments can be given at home to relieve and decrease discomforts of the symptoms, but medical care is important with bacterial infections.
  • Bacteria can multiply rapidly and may need strong anti infective medicines to kill it.
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  • Diet has a lot to do with how susceptible the cat is to bacteria and how effective his body will be at fighting it off.
  • You just can’t underestimate the impact good nutrition has on preventing your cat from acquiring bacterial infections.
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