Cat Abscess: Causes and Home Remedies to Treat a Cat Abscess

Causes of Cat Abscess

  • Cat abscess can occur from a foreign body penetrating the skin and staph, strep, E coli or pseudomonas bacteria.
  • Causes of cat abscess can also occur at the anal sac from impaction.
  • Cats sometimes develop these painful, pus filled lumps from bite wounds incurred during a fight over mates or during roaming activities that outside cats engage in.
  • Also read anal sac disease
  • The wound from fights starts to close up while some infective is inside from a dirty claw or diseased mouth or tooth of another animal.

Treatments and Home Remedies for Abscess in Cats

  • It has been suggested that neutering male cats who are prone to abscesses cuts down on their free roaming habits and bites and fights over mates, thereby reducing abscesses.
  • Prompt and thorough cleansing of any scratch or bite with an antibacterial is a crucial first step for treatments and home remedies for preventing cat abscess. Good old soap and water are the best for cleaning, do not rub, pour the solution over the area affected. Peroxide can be poured over next.
  • If you are unsure exactly what type of bite it was or whether a wild animal was involved, protect yourself as well as the cat by wearing gloves.
  • Swelling at the abscess site can be treated with an ice pack. Bags of frozen corn or even peas can be used as an icepack in a pinch. They will adapt to a wound in just about any area.
  • Lancing an abscess may be necessary to reduce pain and allow infection to drain out. First place hot compresses on the area to bring the abscess to a head.
  • Use a sterile needle to poke a small opening at the center of the swelling where you can feel a spot that is soft. Flush with peroxide using a needle less syringe, or a turkey baster will do.
  • Don’t be afraid to massage or press on the wound to help the peroxide flush completely and also to assist in removing as much pus as possible. Do this at least 3x a day. Apply antibiotic ointment to promote healing.
  • Never do this at the lip or mouth area, groin or mammary gland or in the armpit area. Get advice from a vet.

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