Cat Acting Lethargic Causes: Why Is My Cat Acting Lethargic and Sick

It should be treated as a serious problem – the cat should be taken to a vet for diagnosis and treatment of the underlying condition.

Cat Acting Lethargic

  • Is the cat spending too much time napping even during hours when you expect him to be full of energy? Then this is probably lethargy.
  • If the cat is acting lethargic, make a list of possible reasons why it is acting so.
  • Most of the time, medical problems cause malaise and lethargy. This can be complicated by a number of factors. For instance, the cat could also have coughs, colds, and other ailments along with lethargy. It is important to rule out the possibility that the lethargy is just is not caused by these factors.

Cat Acting Sick

  • Sick cats will often have significantly less energy levels than those who are alright. Thus, if the cat is sick, it will try to regain its energy by just sleeping as often as they can.

Why is My Cat Acting Lethargic

  • There are many reasons for lethargy. It is possible that the cat is poisoned or has eaten toxic food. Remember, many food items that are alright for human consumption can kill the cat.
  • Lethargy can also be caused by dehydration, infection, anemia, hemorrhage, and just about any illness imaginable.

Causes and Treatment

  • The vet will try to diagnose the ailment. Thus, it is important to give the vet detailed information on the cat’s behavior. After determining the root cause, the vet will prescribe medication to treat the problem.
  • As with the symptoms, the treatment will also vary.

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