Cat Anger Management Tips | Tips for Angry Cats and Cat’s Anger Issues

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  • A normal healthy cat will not attempt to hurt you. Most felines, even if they were shelter cats are not mean.
  • Cats become angry from the way they were treated from kittens and in response to how much human contact they are used you.
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  • Management of Cat Anger Issue

    • Read useful tips to make your cat happy and nicer.
    • Cat anger issues need to be dealt with in specific ways. It is not wise to pick up a hissing cat with the expectation that you will make him love you.
    • Do not go on the assumption that if you keep trying to pick him up, all the love will change him. Not so! You most likely will end up getting scratched or bitten by your feline friend.
    • Cat anger management involves letting the cat be himself. Respect his needs and understand that his anger probably has nothing to do with you as a person.
    • Of course if a cat is treated too roughly, he is going to be an angry cat. Abusive homes and abusive people in the cats past may have made the cat angry so much thats all he knows.
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    • Some cats were not handled a lot as kittens. They grew up wanting to be left alone and would appreciate you leaving them be. Thats their perogative.
    • If a cat is sick or hurting, he will be irritable and downright hostile if you touch a sore leg or paw. This is his instinct. Isn’t the same true of us?
    • Your job as a pet owner is to investigate why the cat won’t let you touch the spot. You may be able to apply some home remedies to get him back to health.
    • Sometimes health issues like hyperthyroidism causes aggression in cats. If the aggression is new behavior, perhaps some medical testing is advisable. There may be fixes for your furry pal.
    • Certain types of foods or lack of vitamins and minerals in malnourished cats can make a cat aggressive. Changing their food suddenly or their feeding schedule can upset an otherwise pleasant cat.
    • Some felines don’t get enough area to move around in. They do not get enough exercise and get bored. This can lead to aggressive behavior.
    • Understanding where the cat has been can help you learn to work on and understand the aggression.
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