Cat Reactions to Frontline: Manage Side Effects of Frontline For Cats

How to Manage Adverse Cat Reactions to Frontline

  • Frontline is a topical parasitic medicine applied to the skin of cats 8 weeks and older.
  • Adverse reactions to Frontline in cats are reported as very mild. There may be some redness or irritation of the skin, and the cat may start to drool if he licks his fur before the solution is dry. Read reasons behind dog chewing furniture
  • Redness and irritation should dissipate within a few hours. If it persists, it is advised that you have your cat seen by a vet.
  • Natural oils should be left on the dogs skin before using this product. It is not recommended that you bath the dog within a couple days before using the product. Read also symptoms of flea anemia in kittens
  • It is possible for any cat to be allergic to the product. For cases where there is severe itching, scratching, biting, chewing at hair, irritability or excessive drooling, it is recommended that you bath the cat thoroughly to remove the product from the cats skin, and see a vet.
  • A cat that shows a hypersensitivity to Frontline should never use the product again.
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Tips On Manage Side Effects Of Frontline For Cats

  • Managing adverse cat reactions to Frontline will mean finding more natural ways to protect your cat against fleas. There are several home remedies to use as natural flea repellents that will not cause problems to your cats skin.
  • Remember that if you treating your cat for fleas, you are wasting your time if you are not treating your home and the cats environment too.
  • Sprinkle some borax powder on carpets and upholstered furniture and let it sit a few hours. When you vacuum, you will be removing the fleas. Empty the sweeper outside immediately.
  • Apple cider vinegar is a natural flea repellent. Mix half and half with water and spray the base of tail and around the cats ears.
  • Vinegar can also be used in a bath as a final rinse that will repel fleas.
  • For a flea dip of sorts, mix up a natural shampoo with some Dawn dish soap and water. Add add citronella ,peppermint and lemon essential oils, all of which are natural ways  to chase the fleas away.
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