Coccidia in Cats: Causes, Symptoms and How to Treat Coccidiosis in Cats

Causes of Coccidia In Cats

  • Coccidia is a parasite disease that attacks the cats intestines.
  • This parasite can be picked up from dead infected rodents.
  • This parasitic disease can be brought on by stress or if the immune system is impaired because of other serious conditions like FIV.

Symptoms and Treatments of Coccidia in Cats

  • Diarrhea is the most common symptom and the stool usually has blood and mucous in it. The diarrhea can range from being very mild to extreme and frequent.
  • Depending on how severe th infestation is, vomiting and loss of appetite may occur. Death is possible in severe cases.

Treatment of Coccidia in Cats

  • Treatment of coccidia involves testing a fecal specimen.
  • Prevent dehydration from loss of body fluids. Encourage fluids every chance you get..
  • The parasite cannot be killed but medicine is given to stop the reproduction process.
  • Generally sulfa drugs are beneficial in treatment. Stopping the reproductive cycle of the parasite gives the cat ample time to get its immune system built up.
  • Good hand washing is essential when handling your pets excrement. Use gloves when handling urine and feces and any drainage from your cat.
  • Litter boxes should be emptied frequently throughout the day to prevent the cat from touching and walking on infected feces. It takes anywhere from 8 hours to 1 1/2 days for feces to become infected.
  • Keep your cats food bowls and other items clean. Cat food dishes should be washed and disinfected regularly. Don’t use plastic dishes as the cracks and scrapes in them can harbor bacteria.
  • This parasite is resistant to a ton of disinfectants. It is recommended that you use scalding hot water or a 10% ammonia solution
  • Steer your cat clear of  environments where he can not hunt or kill rats, mice, birds, or any other rodents.

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