Coronavirus in Cats: Symptoms and Treatments Coronavirus in Feline

Causes Of Feline Infectious Peritonitis In Cats

  • Coronavirus in cats is also known as FIP or feline infectious peritonitis. It is caused by a virus. You can never verify the true disease except by an autopsy. There is no reliable vaccine.
  • This virus attacks young and old cats. It usually is seen in crowded shelters or in cases of cats who do not have good nutrition.

Symptoms of Coronavirus in Cats

  • There are 2 forms of this deadly virus, the wet form and the dry form.
  • The symptoms of coronavirus in cats are similar in the wet and dry form except that the fluids don’t accumulate and no edema is seen in the dry form.
  • The wet form shows swelling of the chest and stomach from fluid building up and difficulty with breathing. There is a chronic fever, lack of appetite, and jaundice.
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  • The dry form of this insidious killer can also effect the eyes and your cats nervous system.
  • Many early symptoms are not seen.
  • Once the symptoms present themselves, death is a certainty.

Treatments Of Coronavirus In Cats

  • Treatments of coronavirus in cats are geared around common sense measures.
  • Lower the stress for your cat. Keep his life as regular and routine as possible. Do not make sudden changes. Stress really decreases the efficiency of the immune system.
  • Feed the immune system with supplements like echinacea.
  • Feed your cat healthy natural foods with no preservatives, dyes, or chemicals. Do not feed dry food as a main diet.
  • Plenty of fluids prevent dehydration which can make your cat very sick and less able to fight small infections.
  • KeepĀ  the cats living area as sanitary as possible. Clean the litter box regularly.
  • Spay or neuter your cat. This helps to keep them healthier for a longer time.

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