Eye Discharge In Cats: Causes & Treatment Of Dark Brown Eye Discharge

Eye Discharge In Cats

Eye or ocular discharges in cats is a commonly observed eye disease.

  • Eye discharges can happen acutely or it can develop gradually
  • The discharges can vary in color
  • Often, the more discharge is present, the more serious the disease could be.
  • Commonly observed discharges include brown eye discharge in cats, dark eye discharge in cats, gray or ropy watery discharge, yellow green and thick discharges.

Causes of Eye Discharge in Cats

There are possible causes of eye discharge in cats, they include:

  • Obstruction of the tear draining ducts, this may be due to tears or abnormalities in the structure
  • It can also be due to the excessive production of tears, this may be caused by the following conditions:

o    Conjunctivitis

o    Corneal ulcers

o    Glaucoma

o    Uveitis

o    Trauma

o    Keratitis

o    Blepharitis

o    Eyelid Defects

  • Infections, infections on the surface of the eye can also lead to excessive eye discharges in cats.

Diagnosis of What is Causing Eye Discharges

Here are some tests used to diagnose what is causing the discharges from a cat’s eyes.

  • Ophthalmic Examination
  • Corneal Staining
  • Schimer test
  • Measuring pressure of the eye
  • Physical Exam
  • Medical history
  • Blood work – CBC
  • Imaging Studies – X-Ray, dacryocystorhinography, CT Scan, MRI – Done to determine what is causing the discharges.

Treatment of Eye Discharge in Cats

  • Treatment is going to depend on determining the cause of the drainage
  • Owners should refrain from giving the cats human medication or from buying over the counter drugs to treat the condition on their own.
  • If not treated properly, it can lead to loss of vision on the affected eye.
  • Home care measures can include frequent cleaning of affected eye.
  • Cats may also be made to wear cone collars while treatment is ongoing.

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