Flatulence in Cats: Causes and Treatment for Feline Gas Problem

What Causes Flatulence in Cats?

  • High carbohydrate intake causes flatulence in cats. This is because cats do not have the enzyme they need to digest carbs. Cats should not be eating high carb meals or treats.
  • Drinking large quantities of milk and swallowing a lot of air are other causes of passing gas in cats. Contrary to popular belief, cats should not be drinking excessive amounts of milk. It really is not good for them.
  • Bacteria build up from fermenting foods like broccoli, cauliflower and beans can cause gas in cats.
  • Flatulence can be caused by food allergies, especially soy products. Read the dog digestive problems

Treatments for Flatulence (Gas Problem) in Cats

  • Don’t allow your cat to free feed. Take food away after a certain amount of time. Fasting between meals gives appropriate time for proper digestion and absorption.
  • Keep stress at a minimum as it can interfere with proper digestion and cause gas problems.
  • Be sure your cat’s diet is low in carbohydrates.
  • Work on overweight issues. Fat cats are more likely to pass gas. These are the cats that are given a lot of table food and carbs instead of important proteins.
  • Provide ample room indoors or out for climbing, jumping and playing. Exercise helps work out the gas and, of course, it’s always better if they pass their gas outdoors.
  • Flatulex is appropriate for flatulence in cats unless the cat has liver or kidney problems. This treatment for flatulence in cats uses simethicone and activated charcoal.
  • Gooseberry is a combination of 3 herbs to help with digestive disorders like excessive flatulence. It helps promote necessary enzymes for proper digestion and stimulates peristalsis or movement through the intestines.
  • Black pepper is a wonderful herb to help aid in the digestive process by stimulating certain glands to produce certain enzymes needed for proper metabolism and digestion.

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