Home Remedies for Degenerative Hip Pain in Cats

Causes of Hip Pain in Cats

  • Hip pain in cats resulting from joint or arthritic deteriorations is a real thing.
  • Cats affected with joint diseases generally acquire the conditions genetically. Some breeds are more prone than others.
  • Until recently, it was not believed that cats suffered from joint pains or hip dysplasia as dogs are known to.
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  • Research has shown that cats do indeed face the pains and debilitations that these joint disease processes can place on their lives.
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Home Treatments and Remedies for Hip Pain in Cats

  • The problem with hip dysplasias is that the ball and socket do not fit together as they should. The abnormal movements of the joint, over time, creates increasingly more and more difficulties in mobility.
  • Problems with the hips undoubtedly lead to degenerative joint diseases and can cause pain in cats on a regular basis.
  • Treatments and Home Remedies for hip pain in cats involves controlling their pain and discomfort and trying to maintain the best quality to their lives.
  • Cat joint pain relief and treatment options.
  • Protect your cat from becoming overweight. This may happen easily due to increased immobility. Low carbohydrate diets will help with weight control and help to cut down on pressure on the hip bones.
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  • Cats hide pain well. Do not assume your cat is just lazy and not moving around. He may be having pain. Good observation skills in noticing how your cat goes about his daily routines will let you know what he needs from you.
  • Some signs that your cat may be in pain is excessive grooming of the hurting area. He may also not jump and be as agile as usual. With hip pain, joints stiffen from the degenerative progression of the bones and joints.
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