Leg Pain in Cats: Causes, Remedies and Treatments for Cat’s Foot Pain

Causes of Leg Pain in Cats

  • Leg pain in cats can be caused by
    • Muscle or joint injuries
    • Diseases such as arthritis
    • Sometimes just old age
    • Trauma
    • Defects in leg bone
    • Pulled leg muscle
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Home Remedies and Treatment of Leg Pain in Cats

  • Never apply topical anesthetics on cats for pain or give Tylenol to them for treatment of leg pain (or any pain) in cats Both can be fatal, even in the smallest doses. Liver damage, seizures and death can occur.
  • If there is no bleeding, no deformities in the bone structure seen, and the cat is not totally debilitated by his leg pain, home remedies can help to provide your pet with comfort measures to decrease inflammation, swelling and pain.
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  • Warm compresses, alternated with cool compresses, applied to the leg can bring the swelling down, thereby, cutting down on some of the pain. If you get the cat into a nice warm bath, throw some Epsom salts in to help release fluid buildup and decrease inflammation.
  • For muscle and joint pain, massage therapy has proven to be very effective in cutting down pain in cats. Add a few drops of ginger oil as a massage oil that naturally reduces inflammation.
  • A drop of lavender or chamomile oil can be added to provide natural relaxation to your cat as he recuperates.
  • Too much immobility can make your cat stiff and sore. Encourage him to move around with strings or toys to play with.
  • Your cats diet during his recuperation should be only the best in nutrition. Make sure the good oils are in his food to promote lubrication of his bones and joints.
  • Water needs to be available at all times. If your cat is not drinking after the initial injury, give fluids via a syringe until he is feeling better.
  • Usually muscle pain, joint pain, or sprains will take a few days before the cat is up to speed again.

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