Life Expectancy of Cats: Age Expectancy of Feline by Breed

What is the life expectancy of cats

  • The life expectancy of any cat depends on how well he or she is taken care of and on the quality of food it eats. It also depends on living environments.
  • A stray cat who does not have adequate, consistent meals and is constantly exposed in the wild is less likely to live a long life.
  • Many cat fanatics claim that a cat will live much longer if it is nurtured and protected like a child. That may well be.
  • Cats can live to age 15 and beyond these days. They are definitely living longer than they used to.
  • Life expectancy of cats depends on breed and whether it is an indoor or outdoor cat. It really does make a big difference.
  • Indoor cats can live 12-18 years or longer. There was one indoor cat reported to have lived to 28 years old. That is one for the record books.
  • Surprisingly, outdoor cat’s life expectancy is only 4-6 years. Most are killed by other animals, attacked by dogs or get hit by vehicles.
  • Outdoor cats are more at risk for coming in close contact with infected animals and many viruses that run rampant among roaming cats.

Life Expectancy of Cats by Breed

  • It is said that Siamese and Manx breeds of cats live the longest of all the domestic cats, but this is not in stone. Some have been reported as living 20 years.
  • Some researchers claim that ANY cat can live to their 20’s if they have proper nutrition. Diet seems to be at the heart of everything. It does make sense.
  • A cat that is fed people food or high carb food tends to be overweight and dies of obesity related diseases (Read what to do when cat is getting fat ). That is a well researched fact.

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