Tooth Decay in Cats: Causes and Treatment for Tooth Canine Tooth Problem

Causes of Toothache in Cats

  • Tooth decay in cats is caused by poor oral health and poor nutrition.
  • Left untreated, a decayed tooth can abscess (Read treatment for cat abscess ) and set up a horrific bacterial infection as well as a whole host of other medical difficulties.

Home Remedies and Treatment for Tooth Decay

  • If your cat is reluctant to let you brush their teeth, be creative and put some good home remedies and treatments to work. Get them used to it by putting broth on your finger or a piece of gauze. They may be more inclined to let you mess with their mouth if they like the taste.
  • To prevent tooth decay in the first place, give your cat a hard rubber chew toy. This works as a great gum massager and increase circulation to the area.
  • Oxtail can be boiled and given to your cat to chew on and removes plaque buildup. It is all cartilage so it won’t pose a threat to chipping teeth or choking. Read also dog (canine) teeth cleaning risks
  • Toothaches in cats need to be dealt with promptly. The pain a cat feels with toothaches is much the same excruciating discomfort that we do.
  • A loss of appetite is common, understandably, because of the cat’s mouth pain. This is a serious situation and you need to get vet care for your cat.
  • If the cat has stopped eating, this can be a life threatening situation after just 2 days, as a result of fatty liver syndrome. The body begins living off the fatty lipids which the body stores for energy. The liver literally begins to totally shut down.
  • Whether you have to borrow money to get a decayed tooth pulled, or beg family to help, it must be done to avoid a variety of other medical situations. Look for vets that will bill you or set up payment plans. You must exhaust all options for your cat’s health and comfort.

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