Yeast Infections in Cats: Causes and Treatments for Malassezia in Cats

Causes of Yeast Infections in Cats Ears

  • Overproduction and accumulation of ear wax, or mites can contribute to a yeast infection in cat’s ears.
  • Yeast infections in cats are caused by bacteria and fungus.

Treatments for Yeast Infections in Cats

  • An all natural diet is beneficial in keeping the cats immune system working well and prevent overproduction of ear wax.
  • More and more these days, pet owners are trying to find more natural ways of dealing with infections other than the traditional antibiotics.
  • The natural approach is preferred to some of the nasty side effects and decreased function of the immune system that antibiotics can cause. They can sometimes do more harm than good.
  • An all natural diet is beneficial in keeping the cats immune system working well.
  • White vinegar is a fine cleansing treatment to help in removing excess earwax. The great feature of this natural anti infective and antibiotic like treatment is that the vinegar is acidic. Bacteria cannot survive in an acidic environment.
  • If you notice your cat is scratching at his ear or seems to always rubbing the ear over carpet or course materials to scratch and a discharge is present, you will want to fill the canal with the vinegar solution to clean the ear once a day until the brownish, pink toned wax subsides. Also read symptoms and treatment for ear mites in cats
  • As a prophylactic ear cleaning to prevent further infections, you can do it routinely once a week.
  • For mite infestations in the ear that cause yeast infections, clean the ear thoroughly using the vinegar solution and apply a couple drops of olive oil or almond oil in the ear a couple times a day for 3-4 weeks to actually smother the nasty little varmints.
  • Pau d’arco is an herb and organic antibiotic, used to treat fungus and yeast infections too. Mix up an equal ratio of the tincture with mineral oil. Apply several drops 3 x daily for at least 2 days.
  • Vitamin C supplements which help decrease the redness and inflammation.
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Causes of Conjunctivitis in Cats

  • Conjunctivitis in cats can be caused by chemical irritants, injuries, viruses, bacteria or fungus infections.
  • It is an inflammation and redness of the outer covering of the eye. Conjunctivitis is also known as pink eye.
  • A vet may want to check and make sure that the actual cornea has not ulcerated.
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  • Drainage may occur that is yellow in color, purulent and sticky and it prevents the eye from opening all the way sometimes.
  • Healing this condition is possible, but without treatment it can lead the way to serious visual problems in your cat.
  • Many pet owners prefer to stay away from antibiotics because they weaken the immune system.
  • Even after the terrible side effects of the powerful antibiotics, the infections come back again. It is hardly worth weakening your cats immune system for.
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Home Remedies and Treatment for Conjunctivitis in Cats

  • There are some natural home remedies that will clear up your cats conjunctivitis in no time.
  • Rosemary and burdock are 2 herbs that are very helpful to the health of your cats eyes.
  • Rosemary functions as an anti inflammatory and a pain reliever, and burdock gives the immune system a boost as well as cleansing and detoxifying the cats system.
  • Cheladonium also works as a pain reliever and anti inflammatory as well as promoting healing to the delicate eye tissue.
  • Be careful of the chemicals you use in the home for cleaning. Those chemicals can be particularly irritating to your cats eyes.
  • Laundry detergent that you use on the pets bedding should be pure. Try Boraxo laundry soap for less irritations to your pets skin and your own.
  • Try more natural products for household chores, such as lemon juice orĀ  white vinegar. Carpet cleaners are particularly irritating to the cats eyes as they roll around and play throughout the day.

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