What Should I DO If My Cat Swallow Rubber Band?

Discovering that your pet cat ate rubber band may be furthest from your mind, but veterinarians say that rubber band ingestion in cats is quite common. Cats love to play with stringy objects such as rubber bands and ribbons, so it is important to consider this scenario and be prepared for it when it does occur in the future.

What to Do If the Cat Swallowed Rubber Band?

If owners happen to catch a cat swallowing rubber band, do the following steps:

  • If the rubber band is visible on the cat’s mouth or rectum, pull on it ever so lightly. If you feel some restraint or tension, stop immediately and cut off the band as short as possible.
  • Administer a tablespoon of white petroleum jelly on the cat by rubbing the salve on the kitty’s mouth and paws. The pet would lick it off, and it will help her pass the rubber band in its stool faster.
  • However, if the cat would start vomiting or would lose appetite, rush it to the vet immediately.

Why Would the Cat Eat Rubber Band?

Cats are more discriminatory than dogs when it comes to ingesting objects, but they seem to be addicted to strings and other similar objects that vets call, ‘foreign linear body.’ If a cat eats too much objects, experts say that the cat may be:

  • Seeking attention;
  • Bored;
  • Naturally playful.

Cat owners have different experiences with their pets, and if the pet kitty loves to gobble up objects, it’s best to address the issues that may be triggering such a behavior. Pay more attention to the cat, spend more time entertaining it and give the kitty a harmless toy that will not pose any danger to its health.

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