High Calorie Wet Dog Food Recipe | Popular Brands of Wet Dog Food

Most dog food options come in dry form, often called kibbles. Most pet owners prefer these over wet canned dog food as these are convenient, have a longer shelf life, and are considerably cheaper. Still, there are still a significant number of pet owners who prefer to give their pets wet food.

Wet Dog Food

  • Wet food often comes in canned form.
  • It has a much higher percentage of moisture than kibbles. In fact, kibbles often come with 6 to 10% moisture while wet food comes with 60 to 90% moisture, especially high with the canned varieties. There are also semi-moist options that offer only about 25 to 35% moisture content.
  • What makes canned wet food preferable to other options is that it is commercially sterile in that the items are cooked during canning.
  • Also, these wet varieties often offer more realistic food options – for instance, meaty chunks that look and taste like real meat.

Wet Dog Food Brands

  • There are a number of dog food manufacturers and makers that offer wet food options. Such brands include the following:
    • Pet Pride
    • Purina
    • Pedigree
    • Canidae
    • Evangers
    • Fromm
    • Great Life Essentials
    • Merrick
    • Mulligan
    • Breeder’s Choice
    • Drs. Foster & Smith
    • Some of these dog food brands are significantly more expensive than the others. The question is, are these more expensive brands also more effective? Well, there are no extensive scientific studies to compare these brands and to find out who offers the best foods. Still, pet owners should try to find which ones can really offer the best options for their dogs.

Wet Dog Food Recipe

  • Of course, it is possible to give dogs home cooked dog food. These will surely cost much less than the canned wet dog foods but could be as healthy and great as the commercial options.
  • In fact, many owners prefer making their own dog food so that they will know exactly what was used to make the food.
  • There are lots of recipes that owners can find over the internet and pet magazines or books. Still, it is best to remember that it is also very important that the ingredients are fresh and safe for consumption.

Wet Dog Food Calories

  • The number of calories that can be found in the wet dog food will depend upon several factors, including the brand and the type of product being tested.
  • For those who wish to keep their pets lean and healthy, the back of most food cans and packs will offer these information.

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