Bleeding Dog Nail How To Stop: Natural Remedies and Treatments

During cutting of nails, there are tissues underneath the toenails that may accidentally be included in the clipping, which will eventually, cause the bleeding. In most cases, the bleeding stops on its own. However, it can be stopped with some methods.

  • There are also instances when the bleeding is caused by sharp objects like glasses that cut the dog’s paws including toes or nails.
  • In any bleeding incidences, first-aid is administered to prevent excessive blood loss. When left as it is, the bleeding can lead to shock, which is characterized by:
    • Rapid heartbeat or rapid breathing
    • Pale or white gums.

Stop Bleeding Dog Nail

First-aid can stop the bleeding dog nail. It can be performed by anybody who knows how. The following are the simple steps.

  • Restrain the dog if any of its part is bleeding.
  • Approach the dog in a reassuring approach and tone
  • Examine the dog’s wound for the presence of any foreign objects.
  • Some wounds need stitches.
  • Wash the wound with clean water. Do not apply for any antiseptics as they can be painful
  • Cover the wounds with a clean cloth, sanitary napkin, or sterile dressing.
  • To stop bleeding, put pressure on the wound. If it is already soaked on the blood in dressing, do not remove the dressing. Instead, apply more dressing onto the wound.
  • If bleeding does not stop within the next 5 minutes, apply more dressing and pressure and transport the dog to the vet.
  • Cover the dressing with any soft material or tape it to keep the bandage in its place.

Bleeding Dog Nail Remedy

Bleeding dog nail remedy can be natural or non-natural. Natural remedies are safer as they do not have any side-effects, like some of the non-traditional. Other first-aid home remedies include:

  • Removal of excess blood from tip of the nails by applying clean and dry paper towel.
  • Place the dog’s paw or nail into a styptic powder to stop the bleeding. Or use a cotton swap to apply it onto the wound.
  • Styptic pencils are also efficient and quick in stopping the dog’s toenail bleeding.
  • Apply ice to the area over a rag. You also have to ensure that the dog is comfortable as it can help in stopping the bleeding.
  • Continue applying pressure, dry rag, and ice onto the wound if the bleeding does not stop.
  • You can also make a paste out of water and flour. 1 teaspoon of flour can make enough paste.
  • If flour is not available, cornstarch or baking soda will do. But it is applied directly onto the wound.

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Grooming is essential for a healthy dog. Grooming can consist of washing the dog, brushing the dog’s coat, trimming dog’s hair, and cutting dog’s nailsOther than this, dogs’ nails need to be cut because long nails not only cause innocent injury to humans it can also be very inconvenient for dogs.

Cutting Dog Nails

  • Owners shouldn’t only know how to cut their dog’s nails but also when to cut it.
  • Dogs that constantly walk on hard surfaces may need little or no help with nail cutting.
  • Dogs that walk on soft, grassy, or woodland areas will require regular nail cutting.
  • Nail cutting is achieved using a nail clipper made especially for dogs.

How Short and Often to Cut Dog Nails

  • Knowing how short to cut a dog’s nails will depend on how well the owner knows the anatomy of a dog’s nail.
  • Cutting little pieces often will help accustom the dog to the activity and ensures the nail isn’t cut too short.
  • Accidents do happen no matter how experienced a cutter the owner is. When this happens, remain calm and reassure the dog. A fair amount of bleeding is expected but this can be treated quickly.

Best Way to Cut Dog Nails

  • A good lesson from the vet is needed before attempting to cut dog nails.
  • Reading the instructions on the nail clipper or trimmer is also important.
  • The best policy to observe when cutting dog nails is cutting little often.
  • Depending on the type of trimmer or cutter, it is important to hold the device in the right angle.
  • Before attempting to trim nails, it is best to properly hold the dog in such a way that he does not wriggle and harm himself or the owner during clipping.

Cut the nail within approximately two millimeters from the quick (the part of the nail that contains blood vessels).

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