How To Treat And Detect Dog Warts On Nose And Chin

Dog Warts on Nose

Warts are small protrusions on the skin. They are usually caused by the papilloma virus.

  • Most warts are benign and they can disappear on their own with no need for treatment.
  • In some cases, what appears as warts on the skin of the dog could actually be small tumors that need to be evaluated for the possibility of cancer.
  • Warts found on places with fur can cause hair loss in that area.
  • More often than not, warts do not occur singularly and will likely be found in groups.
  • They can appear the same color as the skin or they may be darker or lighter.

Places Warts are Found

In addition to the nose, warts can also be found on the following areas of the dog’s body:

  • Genitalia
  • Dog’s Mouth
  • Around the Eyes
  • Inside the Mouth
  • Dog Warts on Ears
  • Dog Warts on Chin

Causes of Warts in Dogs

The papilloma virus is the main cause of warts in dogs, but it is not the only cause. Other possible causes include

  • Small tumors
  • Reaction to Vaccines
  • Allergies
  • Sun Damage
  • Environmental factors
  • Warts may also appear as a symptom of a condition that can harm the dog.
  • Aging is also a factor that can lead to the development of warts.


If a wart is caused by the papilloma virus, it will most likely go away on its own. However, there are some treatments that can be used for the condition, they are:

  • Laser removal
  • Cauterization
  • Salicylic Acid Therapy
  • Freezing
  • Excision

Dogs may also be given some medication that can help to remove the warts. All treatments for warts must be made under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian doctor.

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