Dog Sore On Nose: Causes and Treatment for Open Sores in Canines

Cause And Treatment

Sores on the nose in dogs can be caused by a number of reasons, they include:

  • Localized Infection – If a dog gets a cut on the nose, it can lead to an infection, which will then lead to the appearance of a sore. If this is what is causing the problem in dogs, the cut is usually very obvious and can easily be picked out.
  • Blastomycosis – This condition is notable for its speedy degeneration wherein the condition can get worse with each day. It is caused by a fungus and is characterized by round crusty oozing sores on the dog’s skin. The sores may be accompanied by symptoms like weakness, drowsiness, and poor appetite.
  • Other Fungal Infections – Ringworms can cause sores on a dog’s skin and this includes the skin on the nose. When its ringworm, however, the sores will not be localized just on the nose, it can affect other parts of the body, especially the abdominal area and may also cause hair loss in the affected parts.
  • Allergies – An allergic reaction may also present as hives on the skin. These are red bumps which may be very itchy and can lead to wounds when the dog scratches at it.

The proper diagnosis of the sores is done by a veterinarian. Cultures will be taken to determine the exact infection agent causing the sores on the nose.

Treatment of the condition is going to be dependent on the underlying cause. Some of the treatment methods used includes:

  • Topical antimicrobials
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Pain Medication
  • Rest
  • Cone Collar – Dogs may be placed in this application in order to prevent scratching and further aggravation of the condition.

A sore is a break in the skin and it needs to be treated immediately in order to keep dogs from getting secondary infections as a result of it.

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