Is Pneumonia in Dogs Contagious: What Are the Symptoms and Treatment

Pneumonia Symptoms in Dogs


Knowing the symptoms of the ailment can help the owner easily recognize if their dog is sick. This will help ensure that the dog is treated as soon as possible, to prevent complications.

Pneumonia Symptoms in Dogs


  • Symptoms of pneumonia in dogs include:
    • Wheezing, raspy breathing
    • Open-mouth breathing
    • Rapid breathing even while resting
    • Labored breathing
    • Deep cough. This might look like the dog’s whole body is shaking every time it coughs.
    • Mucus discharge. This is like phlegm.
    • Blue-tinged gums which is caused by hypoxia
    • Lethargy
    • Lack of appetite or anorexia
    • Fever

Pneumonia in Dogs Treatment

  • The medications to be used in treating pneumonia will vary, depending upon many factors, including:
    • Extent of ailment
    • Symptoms presented
    • Health condition of the dog
    • Treatment of pneumonia in dogs could include the following options:
      • IV fluids if the dog is very lethargic and has not eaten for days
      • Antibiotics. Because pneumonia is often caused by bacteria, it is but natural that antibiotics are used to treat the ailment.
      • If the lungs are filled with water, it might be necessary to drain them. Sometimes, medications will be provided to remove the fluids from the lungs.
      • Often, if the dog is severely affected by the ailment, it would require veterinary care.

Is Pneumonia in Dogs Contagious

  • The bacteria and viruses that cause pneumonia can actually be passed to other dogs and to humans. Thus, pneumonia can be considered as contagious though not very highly contagious.
  • Therefore, it is good to exercise certain precautions such as wearing masks and gloves when coming in close contact with the sick pet.

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