Coughing In Dogs: Causes, Home Remedies and Treatment for Dog Cough

Causes of Coughing In Dogs

  • Coughing in dogs occurs for a variety of reasons.
  • The dog may simply be reacting to sudden changes in the weather, allergies, kennel cough, or a common cold or flu. .A simple case of coughing in dogs should not alarm you. The most important things are to keep track of the duration of the cough and the color of mucous or phlegm the dog brings up.
  • Regardless of the cause, most coughs will resolve themselves after a week or so. Depending on how healthy the dog is, coughing in dogs should run its course and hopefully not develop into more serious conditions.
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  • It is perfectly normal if the dog is having clear or cream colored nasal drainage or mucous. In most cases there are many Home Remedies for Coughing in Dogs. The cause of the coughing in dogs is most likely due to a virus that will eventually work through the dogs system. If the duration of the coughing in dogs lingers and the mucous turns yellow, gold, or green, this may be a sign that the dog has a bacterial infection brewing and may need more aggressive care. Otherwise, keep your dog comfortable by providing treatment and comfort with things you have available in your home.
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Home Remedies  and Treatment for Coughing in Dogs

  • A little love goes a long way in providing comfort and relieving coughing in dogs.
  • Remove the dog’s collar to reduce irritation to his throat.
  • Prepare a doggie sauna! Turn the shower on its hottest setting, close the door and allow the room to fill up with the warm steam. Take doggie into the bathroom for about 30 minutes to loosen and facilitate expectoration of excess mucous and phlegm that occurs with coughing in dogs. Dry the dog thoroughly afterwards, to prevent chilling or dampness. Keep the dog warm and dry.
  • A cool vaporizer with a few drops of menthol in it also helps to relieve coughing in dogs. This helps to open the nasal passages and upper respiratory system.
  • A teaspoon of honey helps to soothe an irritated throat that is due to coughing in dogs.

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