Dog Allergy Shampoo: Best Natural Homemade Dog Shampoo for Allergies

  • For a great dog allergy shampoo you need something with soothing ingredients that help itching and inflammation as well as redness and sometimes a bad scent from infectious processes that may be going on.

Homemade Dog Shampoo for Allergies

  • If you just want a nice fresh, clean scent choose any of the essential oils. Lavender is a natural herbal calming agent as well as citrus and tangerine. Take your pick.
  • There is definitely a need to resolve dryness and itching too. Some of the best ingredients can be found in your kitchen, and bathroom.
  • In a spray bottle mix a small amount of an antibacterial soap. Add some aloe vera or lanolin for moisture and a cup  of oatmeal which is helpful in retaining moisture.
  • Add a few drops of  lavender or tangerine oil  and some baking soda for easing the itch and decreasing inflammations. Soap the dog up well and follow with a rinse of apple cider vinegar.
  • Your dog won’t want to wait for bath time. He will be so refreshed and have great soft skin and a  fluffy soft coat. On top of that, he will smell and look like a million bucks.
  • Make sure that the bath is nice and warm to reduce inflamed areas.
  • Be certain that no soap residue is left on the skin. The apple cider vinegar will assist with that.
  • After the bath, you can squeeze out the gel from a vitamin e capsule for further moisturizing benefits. Skin care and conditioning is essential in allergy dogs.
  • To finish off the bath and shampoo, dry coat on a low setting with a hair dryer. Do not use high heat as it could burn the dogs delicate allergy skin and cause over dry and itchier skin.
  • Your dog will rest comfortably without a care in the world and without an itch in the world. He’s going to love you for all the care and comfort you showed him.
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    Bathing your dog is a lot more than just getting the dirt out. Bath time once every week or two can easily become a luxurious spa treatment for your pet.

    Herbal Shampoo for Dogs

    • There are many herbal shampoos for dogs you can mix up as a home remedy for dog shampoo.
    • Try mixing some glycerin and green tea leaf together and add a few drops of peppermint or lemon grass oil. Glycerin is lubricants that will help your dogs skin retain moisture. The green tea leaf paves the way to a shiny and lustrous coat, and the peppermint or lemon grass oil moisturizes dry skin as well as neutralizing the infamous wet dog aroma.
    • Chamomile or aloe vera added to lanolin is cleansing, soothing to dry skin and aroma therapeutic.
    • Chamomile is a natural calming agent that soothes and relaxes the nerves from a dogs hard days work.
    • Place a bundle of dandelions or marigolds in a jar with some glycerin. Place in the sun for a few weeks. Remove the flowers and shake the oil well. Apply to your dogs coat at bath time for an extravagant royal event. This concoction will soothe any skin irritations and make way for a bright, shiny coat for your pooch.
    • Coconut or almond oil added to an oatmeal bath will remove dry flaky skin with the exfoliating powers of the coarse oatmeal. Your dog will not only smell good and feel soft, his coat will be lustrous and his skin will be silky smooth. Your dog will look forward to the quality time you are spending with him and will benefit from all the little extras. He will look forward to the next time he gets a bath. He may even lead you there. Little things mean a lot and make a big difference.

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