Dog Gas Problems: Natural Home Remedies for Dog Gas Relief

Herbal Home Remedies for Dog Gas Relief

  • Dog gas can occur for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it occurs with aging, or because of a digestive disorder.  It may have to do with soy products in the diet. Soy beans are difficult to fully digest and cause a lot of flatulence.
  • Try adding plain yogurt with the good bacteria in it daily to promote a healthier digestive system and decrease dog gas. Approximately one tablespoon daily is sufficient. Dogs enjoy the taste so you won’t have to camouflage it in his food. Read what are the symptoms and treatments of dog digestive problems
  • Avoid giving dogs table scraps when there are gas problems. Once in a while is okay, but do not make it a daily habit.
  • Avoid regular feedings of milk products, raw vegetables, leftovers, and meat that is not fresh. All these products induce dog gas
  • Give smaller quantities of food to dogs to prevent your dog from swallowing a lot of air when eating fast. Using a wider bowl and crushing the food into the bowl prevents the dog from eating too fast and will prevent dog gas. A good tip to prevent dog gas from eating too fast and swallowing too much air is to put a ball in his bowl so he has to slow down to get around the ball.
  • Make time for regular exercise to stimulate peristalsis and promote bowel movements. A walk is a great way to decrease dog gas. It is always better to leave the dog gas outside instead of in the house. Do you want some tips and tricks on puppy obedience training, read here
  • Anise and fennel are natural herbal treatments for gas problem in dogs.
  • Activated charcoal is a great remedy for dog gas in extreme smelly circumstances. It absorbs excess gas in the digestive tract. Give ¼  teaspoon for a small dog and a half a teaspoon for a large dog. Do not give more than a few days. It can disrupt nutrient absorption in excess.

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