Dog Shedding: Home Remedies, Prevention, Treatment of Shedding Problem

Prevention of Dog Shedding

  • Dog shedding occurs in all dogs regardless of whether their hair is long or short. Sometimes people say their dog doesn’t shed, not so, all dogs shed. Some dog shedding is just more than others. Most often, dog shedding occurs when there is a change in the weather conditions. The extra hair growth in the winter is necessary to retain heat.
  • Dog shedding cannot be prevented, but there are home remedies that can keep it to a minimum.
  • Contrary to popular belief, bathing the dog more does not cut down on dog shedding. Dog shedding actually increases with baths. Unless the dog is covered with something stinky, or sticky, or muddy, don’t over bath. Spot cleaning will be sufficient in between a real bath every 3-4 weeks.

Home Remedies of Dog Shedding

  • Good grooming and a nutritious diet are essential to controlling dog shedding.
  • The more you keep up with brushing hair off the dog, the less you will be cleaning up around the house. Invest in a good blade comb and a pet hair removal glove. During extreme weather changes, as from winter to spring, the dog may need combed or brushed a couple times a day. During off seasons, twice a week may be sufficient for dog shedding. Even so, many pet owners brush their dog at least once a day because it is an excellent opportunity to bond with your pet and let him know you care about him. The human touch is priceless to the emotional well being of a dog.
  • A good diet that is high in nutrients and low in fillers and processing, is beneficial to the dogs entire body functions, especially skin and hair condition. Include extra fatty acids during times when dog shedding is at a peak to encourage a lustrous shiny coat and decrease dry skin.
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