Dog Stomach Gurgling: Causes And Treatment Of Dog Stomach Noises

Gurgling in a Dog’s Stomach

  • Although bloat is a mild problem in humans, it is a serious condition in dogs. The problem can cause torsion wherein the stomach will undergo a twisting rotation. This closes the esophagus and pylorus so that the dog can’t relieve himself of the gas by belching or the excess food by vomiting.
  • Because the condition is fatal, it is not good to disregard the problem.
  • Of course, gurgling does not always mean that the dog’s stomach is bloated. Still, owners should know the difference between hungry noises and something else.

Why are there Noises in my Dog’s Stomach

The following symptoms could mean bloat:

  • The dog’s belly is swollen;
  • The dog is drooling heavily;
  • The dog may try to vomit but nothing comes out;
  • The gurgling noises are loud;
  • Loss of appetite or doesn’t eat at all.

Causes and Treatment for Gurgling Noise in Your Pet Dog’s Stomach

  • Bloat is the major cause of gurgling.
  • Overeating and indigestion can also cause these stomach noises.
  • Treatment can be any of the following:
  • Feed the dog with yogurt to help improve digestion;
  • Add digestive enzymes to his diet;
  • Natural food may also be given to dogs who frequently experience stomach gurgling;
  • Divide the meals into small portions. Instead of feeding the dog once a day, it is better to feed him twice or thrice a day in smaller portions. This way, bloating and indigestion can be prevented.
  • Use herbal remedies such as chamomile to help calm the dog and help prevent bloating.
  • Working out after eating can cause bloat. It is best to exercise the dog before eating, not after.

Pet owners can gauge their pet’s condition. If the problem worsens or if the dog goes into shock, bring him to the vet immediately.

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