Entropion Repairs in Dogs: Surgery Cost and Treatment in Canines

Entropion Facts

These are other facts about the condition that pet owners must be aware of:

  • Hereditary Entropion usually occurs in purebred dogs such as the English bulldog, the Labrador retriever, the Irish setter, the St. Bernard, and the Great Dane, among others.
  • Entropion may be developed by dogs with history of eye spasms resulting from diseases in the cornea and other similar conditions.
  • This condition may occur with other eye diseases, or it may occur alone.
  • Entropion may affect just one eye, or both eyes. It usually triggers the lower eyelids.
  • Some canine pets may experience the inward rolling of the entire eyelid.
  • Many cases of canine entropion are accompanied with ectroprion, the rolling of the eyelids in an outward direction.
  • Entropion treatment in dogs involves surgery. There is no medical treatment for curing the illness itself.

Entropion Repair in Dogs

Different surgical methods may be used to correct the inward rolling of the eyelids in one’s pet dog. Some surgical methods that may be used in entropion repair involve the following:

  • Eyelid tacking. This procedure is usually done to young dogs, as it aims to discourage more damage to the cornea as the dog is growing up. It involves suturing the affected eyelids. The use of skin staples may also work, as this correction only requires 10 days at most.
  • Skin removal. Removing the skin from the eyelid is a more permanent solution in correcting entropion. This results in returning the eyelid to a more acceptable, normal position.

Entropion in Dogs Surgery Cost

The costs of surgical correction of entropion depend upon the expertise of the doctor and the severity of the condition.

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