Gassy Dog Remedies: Best Food | What to Give | How to Cure Gas in Dogs

In some instances, humans have the unfortunate encounter of farting at undesirable times. If human farting is a bad experience, imagine being in a room where somebody obviously farted, and it was not any of the humans in the room but their pet dog. Yes, dogs fart too! (Read more about dog farts cure )

While there is often nothing physically wrong with a dog that farts a lot, some home owners or dog lovers may have to contend with the frequent farting of their pets. This can be a discomfort for some people, especially when dealing with guests.

How to Cure A Gassy Dog

If a dog is gassy, there is no need to head straight for the veterinarian’s clinic to have him or her checked out. There are some home gassy dog remedies that can be used first in order to deal with the constant farting without having to purchase costly medicines, such as doing the following:

  • Changing the diet of the dog – Watching what the dog eats is one method of determining what is causing the farting. Eliminating soy from the diet also helps since soy beans are hard to digest and often produces gas while in the digestive tract.
  • Exercise your dog – Dogs need to exercise as much as humans do. By giving your dog time to exercise, it will help him or her improve bowel movement as it allows the dog to release gas while outside the house and improve the digestion of food.
  • Provide probiotic supplements – These supplements are responsible for reducing gas as well as aid in the digestion of food. Some common supplements include yogurt and cottage cheese.
  • You can also try home remedies for constipation in dogs.

Sometimes, it can be challenging to think of what to give a gassy dog. However, the best food for gassy dogs is definitely not table scraps since these may cause upset stomach or difficulty in digestion. Avoiding milk, raw vegetables, and stale meat can also help provide basic gassy dog remedies.

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