Home Remedies for Dog Scratching: Natural Treatment for Dog Scratching

Dog scratching can be a symptom of various ailments. Many times it is a result of dry skin or allergies. Sometimes the dog scratching is related to an infestation of fleas. It is important to discern the cause so the problem does not escalate to more serious issues such as can occur with secondary bacterial infections. Many times,  as a home remedy for dog scratching, the scratching can be resolved with good moisture therapy, adequate hydration and a healthy diet supplemented with the good fatty acids.

Home Remedies for Dog Scratching

  • Inspect your pet thoroughly from head to toe to rule out any parasite involvement, fleas, ticks, or other creatures who might be having a meal on your dog.
  • Review your dogs diet. Be sure you have not started something brand new recently. Check that the food does not contain a lot of preservatives, chemicals or colorings that can compromise your pets skin integrity.
  • Always keep fresh water available at all times.
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  • Natural tea tree oil mixed in a spray bottle and applied to the coat and skin may help scratching and itching.
  • Canola or olive oil can be given internally, or applied on the skin to moisturize dry skin. It will also decrease inflammation of irritated skin that is due to scratching.
  • In dogs with allergies, brushing helps to remove the pollen and other allergens that may build up in his fur.
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  • Add some oatmeal to your dogs regular shampoo during a bath once a week. Let the soap solution and oatmeal sit on the skin for about 15 minutes. Rinse the dog well to be sure to remove all soap residue.
  • Never use a hairdryer on a high setting to dry your dog. The excessive heat contributes to scratching and itching. The heat drys out skin quickly.
  • Calendula extract is a natural remedy that brings relief to dry irritated skin.
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Causes of Dry Skin in Dogs

  • Dry skin in dogs can occur as a result of many conditions. Over bathing a dog can contribute to the problem. Once every few weeks is plenty unless he gets himself into a sticky situation.
  • Using people shampoo is a cause of dry skin in dogs. People shampoo takes all the oil out of hair. That is not what you want for your dog. He needs to have some oil internally and on the skin. Use a good dog shampoo that has lanolin in it.
  • After a bath, it is important to rinse all the soap out of the dogs coat. Leaving excess soap can lead to other skin conditions such as impetigo, and dry the skin out more.

Dry Dog Skin Home Remedies and Treatments

  • If you are wondering what to do for dry dog skin, most likely you already have things in your home to use as remedies and treatments. Be sure you work on getting oils inside as well as on the surface. The Omega fatty acids are essential to keep your dogs coat shiny and skin supple and moist.
  • Regular vegetable oil can be used to moisturize skin on the surface. Add a tablespoon of safflower or peanut oil to his daily diet.
  • Spend excellent bonding time with your dog by setting up daily plans for grooming. Regular brushing and combing brushes dry flakes away, and it prevents matted hair from occurring. Matted hair can contribute to many skin conditions when it builds up with dead skin cells and accumulates dirt and pests.
  • Check for pet regularly for fleas and other parasites, which can feed on the dead skin, cause excessive scratching and increased dry skin. Prevention of fleas helps prevent massive infestations and much frustration to your pet.

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