Loose Stool in Dogs: Causes and Home Remedies for Loose Motion in Dogs

Causes of Loose Stool in Dogs

  • Loose stools in dogs can occur when something does not sit right in your pets stomach. Loose stool is watery and runny stool.
  • Overeating may cause loose Motion
  • A sudden change in your dog’s diet can cause loose stools.
  • Eating trash or spoiled food.
  • Ingesting toxins or chemicals.
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Home Remedies for Loose Stool in Dogs

  • Loose stool is NOT necessarily diarrhea. It can turn into diarrhea if the cause is not determined and the loose stool goes untreated. Loose stool in dogs generally lasts less than 48 hours.
  • As soon as you discover that the dog has loose motion, stop feeding the dog his regular food.
  • Start a diet of cooked chicken and boiled rice. Add some broth for extra flavor. This bland diet will provide rest for the digestive system until this temporary condition of loose stool resolves itself.
  • Limit people food, excess sugars and preservatives can lead to loose stools in dogs.
  • Avoid dairy products and products with bran in dogs with loose stool.
  • Keep garbage tied up and out of the reach of your pet.
  • If the loose stool lasts longer than 48 hours, becomes excessive, or if blood is present, the dog should see a professional. Another sign to be concerned with in a dog with lose stool is if his appetite decreases. These are all reasons for further monitoring.
  • All dogs will go through times when they have loose stool. Many times, the condition will resolve itself.

Plantain and Lady’s Mantle are two natural products that help resolve loose stool in dogs. These natural home remedies help restore the digestive system functions by firming up stool in dogs with loose stool.

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