Shoulder Injury Dogs: Symptoms and Diagnosis of Shoulder Problems In Dogs

Due to rigorous activity, instances like shoulder injury in dogs can happen. Canines have delicate framework when it comes to their skeletal system. The absence of a collarbone attached to the shoulder blades allows them extensive ability to stretch their fore legs. It cannot be helped though, that dogs do like to run and jump around a lot, making them prone to accidents. Injured shoulder joints can result to limping.

Symptoms of Shoulder Injuries

Along with limping, there are other signs of shoulder problems in dogs that owners should know further:

  • The dog prefers to lie down and defer from usual movement around the house.
  • Injured dogs would hesitate to run or jump.
  • While trying to walk, the dog may lessen the pressure on the fore leg, raising it a little while moving onwards.
  • Dogs with injured shoulders tend to move their heads in a bobbing motion.
  • The outline of the dog’s entire body shows uneven shoulders.
  • There is a swollen area in and around the shoulders. Read also dog to dog leash aggression problems

Diagnosing Shoulder Injuries and Problems of Dogs

If there are no alarming signs found aside from the limping, the injury is only minor and can subside in a few days. Determining the causes and treatment for this type of injury includes X-rays to enable the doctor to check for the severity of the injury. Pain relievers can sometimes be administered to ease the sore shoulders. A cold or hot pack placed on the injuries can also help subside the swelling.

You can also try massage therapy for dogs as a relaxation technique.

If the pain continues or develops into a more severe state for two weeks, the veterinarian will have to make further tests. More comprehensive measures to rehabilitate the shoulder injuries will bring comfort to the dog. Dog owners should strive to be more cautious regarding their dog’s behavior. Thus, it’s very important to keep them within sight to prevent accidents from happening.

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