Walking Dandruff in Dogs: Causes, Home Remedies to Get Rid of Dandruff

Causes of Walking Dandruff in Dogs

  • Many times walking dandruff in dogs is found in farm lands due to the use of straw or hay bedding for animals.
  • Walking dandruff in dogs is a type of mange that often effects young pups. This condition can be contagious. The condition can be passed on to humans and presents itself with similar symptoms. The predominant symptoms of this skin affliction is red raised bumps with a dark center.
  • In pups with this parasite infestation, you may observe a thick coating of white flakes around the neck and the back. The condition is named because the flakes appear to be moving. In reality, they are. The microscopic mites are carrying the flakes on their backs.
  • Itching may be one extreme or the other. The pup may have ferocious itching or absolutely no itching or scratching.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Walking Dandruff in Dogs

  • There are a couple natural home remedies to get rid of walking dandruff in dogs.
  • The two natural, manmade dips recommended are pyrethin and lime sulfur dips. Care should be taken to follow dosages and to protect the eyes and ears of the pup.
  • D-Limonene is also a natural insecticide used to treat this aggravating skin condition and bring some relief to the pup. Once the animal is cleared up, the adults symptoms will vanish also.
  • Rubbing oils onto these nasty mites will help to extinguish them forever. Baths in oil can soothe irritated skin and help to moisturize dry areas. The oils will virtually smother the mites. Baths may be the best treatment to distract the pup from this frustrating and aggravating skin condition. Adding a little chamomile or lavender oil will further assist in relaxing the poor pup naturally.

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