Fish Mouth Fungus: Treatment for Betta and Tropical Fish Mouth Disease

Fish Mouth Fungus

Mouth fungus is known by many names – Flexibacter, Cotton-Wool, Cotton-Mouth, and Columnaris. Although its name clearly suggests that the ailment is fungal in origin, the ailment is actually caused by bacteria.

  • It can affect all fish species. Still, those raised in aquariums are the ones being targeted by this ailment. Also, there are some species, i.e., catfish and live bearing fish that are more susceptible to this ailment.
  • The sickness is characterized with white spots around the mouth (thus its name) as well as fins and edges of the scales.
  • This cottony spots will actually grow and gradually eat away at the mouth. In fins and tails, the spots will begin at the edges.

Fish Mouth Fungus Treatment

  • Changing the water in the tank will help control the spread of disease and could be the first step to finding treatment. Everything that comes in contact with the water should be cleaned thoroughly, including fish nets, décor, and the tank itself.
  • Aquarium salt helps in treating this problem. The tank should also be added with medications such as antibiotics and/or copper sulfate.
  • It is always best to quarantine or isolate the infected fish.

Betta Fish Mouth Fungus

  • Betta fish can also be affected by mouth fungus. When this happens, the mouth will start to look white and will soon rot. This can actually kill the fish.

Tropical Fish Mouth Fungus

  • Tropical fish are also susceptible to mouth fungus. Like other fish species and kinds, tropical fish infected with the ailment should be isolated. The “hospital tank” is easier to maintain when only the sick fishes are in them.

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