Marine Ick Life Cycle (Cryptocaryon Irritans): How TO Treat And Get Rid Of Marine Ick

What is a marine ick?

  • A marine ick is one of the worst enemies of owners of fish tanks.
  • It goes by other terms such as ‘saltwater ich’ or ‘white spot disease’.
  • It is similar to freshwater ich but the perpetrator is another protozoan, cryptocaryon irritans.
  • Proper diagnosis is needed in order to use the right procedures in treating marine ick.

Marine Ick Life Cycle

  • At tomont stage, the marine ick creates a burrow into the gills to form cysts. They can stay inside the cysts almost indefinitely.
  • Upon reaching trophont stage, the cysts have erupted from the gills.
  • Discharged from the cyst, tomites are the parasites that feed off the fish’s gills.
  • As they feed on the host, tomites grow until they detach themselves from the fish. Some become dormant while some go back to the second stage, living inside another cyst.

How to Treat Marine Ick, Cryptocaryon

  • The most effective treatment for cryptocaryons is copper.
  • Through proper dosage, any traces of marine icks are disposed.
  • It should be remembered though, that copper is harmful to invertebrates, making it unsuitable for aquariums. Thus, it’s imperative to remove the infected fish from the tank.

Getting Rid of Marine Ick

  • Another effective way of getting rid of these parasites is using diatom filters and UV sterilizers during the free-floating stage.
  • To avoid occurrence of marine ick, maintain water quality, feed the fish regularly and monitor the temperature inside the tank.
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White spot disease can also occur among saltwater or marine fishes. Oftentimes, it is confused with the Velvet disease, though more similar to the freshwater ich disease. Knowing more about this illness allows aquarists to be aware of the symptoms and treatment procedures.

What is White Spot on Marine Fish?

  • It is caused by the presence of a parasite called cryptocaryon that thrives in saltwater locations.
  • It primarily enters the skin and the gills, until conditions become severe to include other symptoms like loss of appetite, lethargy and respiratory complications.

White Spot on Marine Fish Treatment

  • Copper is the most popular and effective treatment. Copper products are readily available from pet hobby shops, most of which can offer relief when used according to the instructions.
  • Copper should never be used in reef tanks or tanks with invertebrates because they are intolerant to the chemical. It should be given to marine fish in correct dosage.
  • Remember that there two main types of copper, ionic copper and chelated copper. Consult with the pet shop owner who can assist with a test kit in order to be sure about the right kind of copper for the fish.

Other Ways on How To Cure White Spot On Marine Fish

  • Devices like very fine diatom filters can help strain the small floating tomites that cause the contamination. Yet another device is the UV sterilizer can effectively eliminate free-floating cryptocaryon tomites.
  • Marine fish need to be handled very carefully to prevent the outbreak of diseases. Factors like perfect water quality, proper nutrition, a stable temperature, a secure environment are important for them to grow healthy.

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