Bad Breath Teething In Kittens: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Kittens may not have the best breath in the world but it is certainly noticeable when it starts to smell bad. Under normal circumstances, kitten breath should be tolerable.

Bad Breath in Kittens

  • Normally, kitten or cat breath has a tolerable pungent odor.
  • There are many causes for kitten’s breath to smell bad. Some causes are minor and can be remedied at home, while some are so serious they need veterinary intervention.

Kitten Bad Breath Causes

  • High protein diet – cats have a poor digestive system and having a high protein diet will result in them having rank breath.
  • Teething in kittens – bleeding on gums when a new tooth appears and dried blood in the mouth can cause a foul smell.
  • Food allergies – some allergens can cause dermatitis in the mouth.
  • Dental problems – includes gingivitis, dental abscesses, feline oral resorptive lesions, periodontal disease, foreign objects and broken teeth.
  • Untreated diabetes – in adult cats.
  • Liver and kidney problems – in adult cats.
  • Mouth cancer – in adult cats.

Kitten Bad Breath and Teething

  • Emergence of a new tooth causes bleeding on the gums and the dried blood causes foul breath.
  • When kittens are teething, it is best to relieve the discomfort the kitten feels by giving it soft and safe chew toys. Applying cold towel to the affected site will also help relieve the pain.


  • Brush the kitten’s teeth regularly – cats groom themselves but owners can help keep their cat’s dental health in check by brushing and examining its teeth regularly.
  • Visit the vet regularly – a professional can spot any dental problems early and can treat them accordingly.
  • Observe for changes in eating habits.
  • Change the kitten’s diet – adding safe green vegetables and eliminating allergens.
  • Use mouth spray or drops – can be made at home or bought commercially.
  • Add digestive enzymes – to help the cat break down protein better.
  • Treat underlying problems that may be causing the bad breath.

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