Cat Ate Glow Stick: What To Do If My Cat Eats Glow Stick?

A cat can easily pick things lying around the house and sink their teeth into something that may or may not be harmful to them. For instance, when the cat eats glow stick or those plastic glow jewelries it is important that pet owners know what to do.

  • Glow sticks and glow jewelry contains dibutyl phthalate, which can cause fatal problems to animals when taken in large quantity.
  • This toxic ingredient is found in variety of products from printing inks to insect repellents.
  • It is known to cause respiratory paralysis that may lead to death. However, the amount of this ingredient in glow stick or jewelry is usually too small to cause serious effect on the cat.

What Happens When A Cat Eats Glow Stick?

  • If a cat ate glow stick or glow-in-the-dark jewelries, it is more likely to display profuse drooling and suffer from vomiting.
  • A cat may also demonstrate sudden change in behavior like being aggressive or agitated, and show hyperactivity.

What to Do If My Pet Eats Glow Stick?

This reaction may seem serious to the pet owner, but they are usually nothing more than a response to the repulsive taste of the chemical. Normally it will take only a few minutes.

  • Dilute the unpleasant taste of the oily substance with milk, tuna juice or cat food. The chemical may also leave residue in a cat’s skin or hair coat.
  • Wash the pet with soap and water to avoid further indigestion.
  • If the pet consumed a large amount of glow stick, or it becomes weak or the when the symptoms persist, call the vet for a more appropriate treatment.

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