Cat Ate Ribbon: What To Do If Feline Swallow Curling Ribbon?

It is no longer a surprise for vets if a pet owner calls them up to report that his beloved pet cat ate ribbon. Cats love to play with strings and ribbons; as such objects seem to come alive in their paws. Unfortunately, ingesting a ribbon may pose a serious danger to the feline pet, as the object would most likely clump into a ball and block the intestinal tract.


What to Do If the Cat Swallowed Ribbon


  • Once the cat ate ribbon vomiting the object out of its system is expected. This is a natural reflex for animals since their body rejects the foreign object ingested.
  • If the cat does not regurgitate the object, it is important to call the vet immediately and seek help in assessing the situation.

If you are not sure that your naughty feline did eat some ribbon, observe the cat for 12-24 hours and watch for the following signs:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite
  • No bowel movement

If one of these symptoms manifest, then the cat has definitely swallowed something that does not agree with it, and it’s time to rush to the vet.

There are also some curious cases wherein the cat has swallowed a ribbon or any other objects for that matter, and no adverse physiological reactions manifested. In one case, the pet owner was not even aware that the cat ate curling ribbon, hair bands and strings until the kitty visited the vet for an annual checkup and the doctor felt a strange mass on its belly. The vet initially thought it was a cancerous mass, only to be surprised during surgery as he unraveled the objects one by one. The cat was lucky that the clump did not affect its digestive system; other cats may not be as fortunate.

Cat lovers emphasize the need for pet owners to be responsible. It’s best to keep ribbons and strings out of feline reach to avoid clinical scenarios of ribbon ingestion.

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