Cat Ate Yarn: What To Do If My Cat Swallowed Yarn

Cat Swallowed Yarn

We often see cats on television and in pictures playing with a ball of yarn. They seem cute but of course, pet owners hardly knew any better then, that to leave a cat with a deadly plaything.

Here are some crucial steps to do if pet owners caught their cat eating yarn:

Collect the cat gently and carefully. It is highly likely that the kitty may be agitated and may try to run and hide. Keep in mind that this is a natural response if felines feel sick.

  • Examine the cat’s mouth. If the tip of the yarn can be seen, gently tug at it then slowly pull it out if it is not tangled. If there is some resistance on the yarn, stop. Cut the yarn as short as possibly as you can.
  • Lather some white petroleum jelly on the cat’s mouth and paws. The feline would lick it off, and the salve will cause the pet to pass the rubber band in its stool faster.
  • If the cat starts having diarrhea, or if it starts vomiting, it’s time to get the kitty to the vet as fast as you can.

Meanwhile, if you are certain in that the cat swallowed yarn, get the pet to the vet immediately, so that the proper medical care may be extended to the feline. In most cases, the yarn may have to be surgically removed to prevent the object from blocking the cat’s intestinal tract.

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