How To Treat The Causes Of High Calcium In Cats Blood

Calcium is present in the blood stream.This free calcium is essential for the body’s normal function. However, there are times when the levels of calcium become higher than the normal levels. This condition is called hypercalcemia and could seriously affect the cat’s body.

High Calcium in Cats

  • The high levels of calcium in the blood of cats are an indication of a problem inside the body.
  • It is possible that the cat will not exhibit any symptom of the ailment but it is also possible for it to exhibit severe symptoms.

High Calcium in Cats Blood

  • The cat has parathyroid glands that secrete enzymes that regulate the amount of calcium in the blood. Now, if the parathyroid glands malfunction, no more enzymes are produced so that there would be high levels of the mineral in the blood.
  • These calcium levels are determined by blood tests.

Causes of High Calcium in Cats

There are a number of reasons why cats have high calcium levels:

  • Malfunctioning or over functioning of the parathyroid glands. This is the major reason why the calcium levels are high in the cat’s body. However, there are plenty of underlying reasons why these glands malfunction.
  • Bone deterioration diseases.

o    Kidney failure. This can either be sudden or long-term.

o    Cancer and tumors.

o    Adrenal glands that are malfunctioning.

  • Toxicity to various substances, including aluminum.


  • The underlying cause should be treated for the calcium level abnormality to be corrected.
  • When the calcium levels are too high, the cat may need to be medicated immediately to prevent serious effects like mineralization of soft tissues.

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