How TO Treat and Causes of Dark Yellow Urine in Dogs?

Dark and Bright Yellow Urine in Dogs

As mentioned, dark and bright yellow colored urine in dogs indicate problems in kidney functioning. It also shows that the dog has poor health.

Urine is described as a waste product that is flushed out of the body after it has been filtered by the blood. Normally, the color of a healthy dog’s urine is light yellow and should be slightly cloudy but not concentrated. This kind of color usually will tell that the dog’s bloodstream had properly absorbed the nutrients from its food and that the filtering process is effectively working.

If a dog owner notices that his pet has dark or bright colored urine, it is best to take it to the vet to be properly evaluated especially if the urine has a strong odor.


  • Dehydration. Too much exposure to hot weather, diarrhea or vomiting can bring about the condition. When the fluids that have been lost are not replaced, the dog’s body will try to retain fluids which make the urine have a dark or bright color and have a strong odor. The dog will also show other symptoms like sunken eyes, loss of appetite, lethargy, and dry mouth.
  • Diseases. Formation of bladder stones and kidney stones can block the passageway of urine. Liver problems like jaundice are also contributing factors along with problems in the pancreas, diabetes, hemolytic anemia, and urinary tract infection.
  • Medications and supplements. There are certain drugs like some antibiotics alone with dietary supplements that can influence the color of the urine.
  • Dog food. If the food that has been regularly consumed is not giving the right kind of nutrients, then it can have bad effects to the dog’s body. There are some foods that contain additives that can harm the liver and the kidneys which will bring about distressing symptoms.


  • Water intake should be carefully monitored to prevent dehydration. It is best to regularly supply the dog’s water bowl with fresh water that is safe for drinking. Dog owners should also keep their dogs in a cool place when the weather is hot.
  • If the dog is suffering from severe dehydration, gulping large amounts of water at one time should not be allowed. This can induce vomiting which will result in more fluid loss. It is better to let the dog drink little sips first frequently.  
  • Dehydration symptoms can also be managed through the administration of electrolyte products.
  • Dog owners should ensure to give their pets the right kind of dog food with the right nutritional content.
  • When accompanied by other symptoms, it is best to bring the pet to the veterinarian. Tests will be done to check the condition of the vital organs. If a medical condition is diagnosed, drug therapy is administered. Surgery is also another treatment option.

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