Causes of Red Bloodshot Eyes Diseases in Dogs (Canines)

Red Bloodshot Eyes in Dogs

Bloodshot or red eyes in dogs is usually a symptom of an infection, it can also signify trauma. Finding out the cause of bloodshot eyes in dogs is going to be instrumental in the treatment process.

Narrowing down the possible cause of the symptom will depend on whether the symptom affects one or both eyes.

Cause of Unilateral Redness

When only one eye is affected, it could be due to the following:

  • Foreign Body – There may be a foreign body trapped in the eye lid causing the irritation. This is the most common cause of bloodshot eyes in dogs, no matter the age. The foreign matter could be stuck in the animal’s 3rd eyelid.
  • Trauma – Scratching the eye can cause it to go red.
  • Conjunctivitis – This is an inflation of the conjunctiva and will usually present with other symptoms like purulent discharges.
  • Uveitis- Another infection of the eye that can be caused by bacterial, fungal, or viral agents. Like Conjunctivitis, it can be a unilateral or bilateral occurrence
  • Glaucoma – Glaucoma can cause redness in the eye and may also be associated with pain. This can happen to one or both eyes.

Bilateral Redness

There are many causes why both eyes of a dog would look bloodshot, some of these causes are systemic, which others are external.

  • Dryness – Can result from a number of things including medication use or irritation after a long ride where the dog has its head out the window.
  • Allergies and Respiratory Tract Infections – Certain respiratory tract infections can affect the mucosa of the eye causing it to tear and redden. The same thing goes for allergies. Dogs can be allergic to pollen, smoke, dust, etc.
  • Hypertension – In certain cases, hypertension can cause redness of the eyes.

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