Dog Abscess Causes and Home Treatment: How to Treat Abscess in Canines

Dictionaries state that an abscess is “a lump or sac that contains pus.” The presence of abscess is often brought about by parasites, foreign materials under the skin, or bacteria. This can also be brought about by trauma that is dealt on the skin or at least any tissues on the skin which can cause infections.

As much as abscesses are common to humans, this is more common on canines as they are exposed to various types of bacteria on a daily basis.

Dog Abscess Causes

  • Basic symptom of abscess in an area includes pain felt as well as swelling in areas where there should be none.
  • There is also an increase of temperature on the skin that is overlaid on the abscess.
  • Swelling, redness, discharge from the wound and pain are also evident in the area where abscess is located.
  • There are certain instances where there is a bald spot or missing hair on the area where there is an accumulation of abscess.
  • Some abscesses in dogs are related to a possible dog fight or puncture wound on the body. When this happens, the wound should be cleaned well and presented to the doctor in case there may be further infection.
  • There are some instances where the abscesses heal without having to undergo dog abscess home treatment. This is because the white blood cells of the body often attack the invading cells and eliminate the infection.

How to Treat Dog Abscess

  • There are some home remedies that people can perform in order to treat their pets.
  • Abscesses that have not been ruptured may require general anesthesia for the dog, which means a vet is needed.
  • For ruptured abscesses, thorough cleaning and pus draining should be done to completely remove infection.
  • The dog must not lick or chew at the abscess during healing.
  • Warm compresses may help increase the flow of blood on the area and increase the white blood cell population on the infected area.

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