How Much Does Dog Allergy Test Cost: Where To Get Allergy Testing Kit

There is a definite way to test if a dog is allergic or not. Rather than settling on repeated treatments for allergies, it might be best to try and find out what exactly the dog is allergic to. This can be done through allergy testing.

Dog Allergy Test

  • There are various types of allergies which are helpful in making a decision on how does the dog is allergic to.
  • The two most common types include blood testing through RAST or radioallergosorbent and through ELISA or enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay testing. The second allergy test is intradermal skin testing.
  • RAST or ELISA requires the extraction of blood from the dog and exposed to a specific immune substance for and observed for any reaction.
  • Intradermal testing requires the injection of specific substances into the dog’s skin and observed for reactions after 24-48 hours.
  • Other tests include elimination diet trial, especially if the dog is observed to be allergic to food.

Dog Allergy Testing Cost

  • There are allergy tests that can be done at home such as the elimination diet trial with guided instructions by a veterinarian.
  • Other tests such as serum-based allergy testing or intradermal testing require the service of a veterinarian and/or a laboratory.
  • For the latter, owners may hesitate because of the cost needed.
  • Owners can, however, save a lot more knowing what their dogs are allergic to rather than paying for different regular treatments that don’t work.

Where to Get Dog Allergy Testing Kit

  • Dog owners can test their dogs by themselves using commercial allergy testing kits.
  • There are different kits available that are used to identify different allergens that the dog is allergic to including food allergens and environmental allergens.

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