How To Treat If Dog Ate Bar Of Soap: Help My Canine Ate Soap

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Incidents wherein one’s pet dog ate soap are as common as black spots on a Dalmatian. Dogs, especially young pups, are naturally curious and love to chew. As this is the case, it’s common for pet owners to go rushing to the vet saying “help, my dog ate soap!”

Of course, pet owners cannot be blamed for panicking once they make the big discovery that their dog ate bar of soap.

What to Do If My Dog Ate Soap Bar

In most cases, Canines throw up food or any other material they’ve ingested that do not agree with their body. However, if the dog fails to vomit out the bar of soap, it’s best to observe the pooch for twenty-four hours and watch for these signs:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Bouts of Vomiting
  • Excessive slobbering and
  • Diarrhea

Treatment and Prevention of Dog Ate Bar Of Soap

  • Once the above symptoms manifest and they are manageable, do give the dog the proper treatment.
  • Allow the pooch to drink a lot of water, small sips in frequent intervals.
  • Once the dog gains a little strength, administer a bland diet to help it regain its natural gastrointestinal balance. One example of a bland diet is cooked white rice with squeezed-dry cottage cheese.
    If this works, then gradually mix the bland diet with the pet’s usual kibbles.
  • If the dog fails to recover and even appears lethargic, rush to the vet immediately for it to have the proper treatment. It is possible that the soap may have caused intestinal blockage, in which case it must be surgically removed.
  • Prevention is always better than cure, so it’s best to avoid having the soap, detergents, and other cleaning agents within the dog’s reach. This way, pet owners may never utter the distressed monologue, “help, my dog ate soap bar!”

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