Dog Fur Loss: Causes & Treatment of Canine Hair Falling Out Frequently

Dogs occasionally lose hair naturally. This occurs on a regular basis. However, there are certain medical conditions a dog might be experiencing that are causing the fur loss. It is right for the owner to observe when a dog is shedding hair naturally or when it is a result of an underlying medical condition.

Dog Fur Loss

  • Dogs shed hair regularly.
  • Some dog breeds are more prone to fur loss especially double-coated breeds such as the German Shepherd, Husky, and Collie among others.
  • Fur loss can occur in seasons. This is known as seasonal shedding or seasonal blowing coat.
  • As puppies grow into adulthood, they lose most of their puppy fur for adult fur.

Dog Fur Falling Out

  • Natural shedding is evenly spread.
  • Patches of fur loss is not normal and is often caused by an underlying medical condition or as a result of an allergy.
  • There are many causes for dog fur to fall out. This can range from allergies, infections, to endocrine disorders and many others.

Dog Fur Loss Causes

There are many causes for fur loss in dogs. The most common include:

  • Allergies – food allergies and contact allergies are one of the most common causes of fur loss.
  • Tick or Flea Infestation – infestation with ticks or fleas causes a reaction on the dog’s skin that causes patchy hair loss.
  • Infection – some types of infection, most commonly skin infections causes the fur to fall out.
  • Medications – some medications may be too potent that it causes hair loss or hair loss may be a side effect.

Treatment for Hair Loss

  • Find out the root cause and deliver appropriate treatment as indicated by a vet.
  • Brush the dog daily. Good grooming helps lessen the amount of fur loss.
  • Brush in the direction of hair growth to effectively remove dead, loose hair.
  • Ensure the dog eats quality dog food. A well-balanced and properly formulated dog food will help strengthen the dog’s hair and make it shiny and healthy.
  • Keep away from allergies that trigger hair loss.
  • Treat ticks and flea infestations that cause hair loss.

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