Dog Mouth Infection Causes | Canine Bacteria Treatment

Canine make use of their mouths for a lot of functions. These include eating, grooming, playing, exploring, showing affection and more. With all these functions, dogs are As a result, dogs often have problems with oral infections.

Infection in a Dog’s Mouth

  • This refers to any type of infection affecting a dog’s mouth.
  • Some of the commonly reported infections and oral problems include stomatitis, foreign bodies, periodontal disease, and mouth tumors.
  • There are many causes that can result in an oral infection such as foreign bodies, cuts, burns, and even periodontal disease.
  • When left untreated, complications such as tooth loss, bone loss, and systemic organ failure can result from a simple mouth infection.

Dog Mouth Bacteria

  • Just like humans, dogs have resident bacteria or normal flora in their mouths.
  • Normal flora helps fight off foreign bacteria that have the potential of causing an infection.
  • Problems result when bacteria not belonging in the dog’s mouth infect the area.
  • Different types of bacteria can cause different types of oral problems. Certain bacteria can cause periodontal disease, while another bacteria cause stomatitis.

Treatment for Bacterial Infection in a Dog’s Mouth

  • Administer the prescribed antibiotics if an infection is present or as prophylaxis to prevent secondary infections.
  • Remove foreign bodies lodged in the mouth causing the infection.
  • Clean cuts and other wounds present in the dog’s mouth by irrigating the dog’s mouth with clean water and a veterinarian prescribed oral wash.
  • Prevention is very important.
    • Proper dental hygiene regularly.
    • Regularly inspect the mouth for irregularities such as gum inflammation, bad breath, yellow or tanned teeth, loose tooth, and pus from the gums among others.

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