Dog Nasal Congestion Treatment: What Causes Chronic Nasal Decongestant

Dog Nasal Congestion

Nasal congestion could affect dogs from time to time – that is normal. However, if it occurs regularly or in short intervals, then it could be considered chronic. It is possible that the congestion is caused by infections or allergies.

Dog Nasal Congestion

  • For one, dogs do contract human-like illnesses such as colds, allergic rhinitis, and respiratory tract infection. These illnesses could often lead to nasal congestion.
  • Another reason is that dogs sniff a lot; thus, small particles can easily enter their noses and cause irritation.
  • Fungi are ever present in the air. The dogs can inhale these and become infested. Infestations could actually be contagious. As more and more of the nose is irritated by the fungi, the more the dog will discharge mucus and other fluids.
  • Older dogs are also prone to developing cysts and tumors. These abnormal body parts could also cause nasal congestion.

Dog Nasal Congestion Treatment

Treatment could be as follows:

  • Antibiotic medications are often prescribed to treat nasal congestion.
  • There are also cold medications and nasal decongestants especially made for dogs.
  • Do not attempt to use medications intended for human consumption. This might only cause more harm than good – some medications that are very mild for humans could actually kill the dog!

Dog Nasal Decongestant

  • There are already nasal decongestants being marketed for use in dogs.
  • Always, before giving the dog any medication, consult a vet. He will know the right dosage to give for a particular problem.
  • Some herbal medications may also be used to ease that pain and irritation.
  • Consult a qualified vet instead of guessing what medication could be used.

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