Dog Stomach Growling: Causes And Treatment For Not Eating Canines

Causes and Treatment of Stomach Growling In Dogs

  • A dog with stomach growling and not eating may be caused by gases in the stomach. Vomiting may be triggered.
  • Most of the stomach growling is caused by gas. Adding a bit of fiber to the diet of the dog will help so that the gas formation is minimized. Pure canned pumpkin – not the one used for pie filling – should be included in his diet. Just small amounts – maximum of five teaspoons in a day.
  • In some instances the noise is caused by a failure to properly digest the food that the dog has eaten. If this is the case, the dog should be walked at least 30 minutes after his meals. This also encourages the elimination of the intestinal gas.
  • The dog should be given dry food and not food from cans. Preferably a meal prepared for him or her, but not one that comes from table scraps. Also read cat gastritis symptoms
  • If the dog winces when his stomach is touched, it is best to bring him or her directly to a veterinarian.

In most cases, stomach growling in dogs just indicates that the dog has intestinal gas. A change in the diet would normally suffice. Dry food is best, and lots of fiber as well. However, when the dog refuses to eat anything, consultation with a vet is advised.

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