Dog Vulva Irritation: Causes, Treatment for Vulva Infection & Swelling

Female dogs can experience problems with their genitalia. It is important to regularly inspect the vulva of female dogs to check for its integrity.

Dog Vulva Irritation

  • This means that an irritation of the dog’s vulva is evident primarily through manifestation of swelling.
  • The vulva refers to the external genitalia in female dogs.
  • Not all vulva irritation in dogs requires medical treatment.

Dog Vulva Swelling:

  • Swelling of the vulva can be indicative of a mild infection or simply because the dog is in heat.
  • When female dogs are in heat, their vulva naturally swell from the hormones present during this particular period.
  • If the dog is not in heat and there is swelling, infection may be the more likely case.

Dog Vulva Infection

  • One of the most common infections that can cause swelling of the vulva is a urinary tract infection or vaginal infection such as Vaginitis.
  • Aside from a swollen vulva, other signs and symptoms must also be present when UTI or Vaginitis is suspected to be the cause.
  • If it is observed that the dog is not suffering from an infection, other medical conditions could be the cause.

Causes and Treatment

  • Being in heat and having a UTI is not the only cause for a swollen vulva.
  • Other causes include an allergic reaction and complications during labor.
  • Treatment of vulva swelling will depend on the causative factor identified.
  • Antibiotics are usually prescribed if infection is suspected.
  • Antihistamines may be prescribed for an allergic reaction.

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