Dog Wetting Bed: How To Stop Dog Wetting Bed in Sleep At Night

Not only babies or children accidentally wet their beds, but dogs as well. There are many reasons for a dog to wet its bed while asleep. Bed wetting can be a serious problem and an inconvenience for the owner.

Dog Wetting Bed:

  • Bed wetting is also otherwise known as sleep incontinence.
  • While the dog is asleep, urine leaks from the bladder in small amounts or completely causing a pool to build up under the dog.
  • Problems that can arise from bed wetting include skin rashes, bad odor, and wet bedding.

Causes for Dog Wetting Bed in Sleep at Night:

  • Infections can cause the dog to lose control over its sphincter such as with a urinary tract infection.
  • Spayed females are susceptible to losing bladder control due to hormonal changes.
  • A weakened bladder sphincter due to congenital defects or age.
  • Spinal injuries or disease that causes the loss of bladder sphincter control.

How to Stop Dog Wetting Bed:

  • Determine the root cause by having the dog examined by a licensed veterinarian.
  • Administer medications as prescribed depending on the diagnosis made.
  • Do not allow the dog to sleep on the bed.
  • Use dog diapers and put them on at night.
  • Line the bed with moisture-resistant underpad to protect the bed and to keep the dog dry at all times.
  • Limit amount of water intake before bedtime.
  • Take the dog out for a bathroom break before bedtime.
  • Take the dog out first thing after it wakes up for a bathroom break.
  • Properly care for the dog with sleep incontinence to prevent complications:
    • Check the surrounding area for rashes.
    • Trim the fur around the rear end and the dog’s crotch to help prevent moisture build-up in the fur.
    • Apply powder around the rear end and crotch to keep this area dry.

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